Create beautiful hand lettering on the procreate app with my new Modern Calligraphy brushes. Included is a set of 2, one with a solid appearnce, and one that tapers off, and the end of the letter. 

Once purchased, and payment is confirmed, you will be able to download your content.


Please note: To achieve the best results, an apple pencil is essential. 

** Once downloaded, you will need to unzip your files via a unzipping app such as iZip **

What you will receive:
2 New Modern Calligraphy Procreate Brush (simply unzip the file and import to brush procreate)


1 Practice File


***** TERMS OF USE *****
You may use them for the following:
• Personal and Commercial use.

**** IMPORTANT *****
These designs cannot be
- Claimed as your own
- Cannot be resold as it is, or as part of any other clipart bundle
- Cannot be shared, redistributed or transferred to anyone else. (All agreements, both Personal & Commercial are with the sole purchaser only).


Any questions regarding licenses and which to one you should use, please drop me a message :)

Copyright © by Han'made Designs. All Rights Reserved.

Set of 2 New Modern Calligraphy Procreate Brush