Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Hi, a big hello if you are new around here, and welcome back if you're familiar with my work!

A little about what you are going to find in my blog:

• Useful guides to help you understand procreate and illustrator for hand lettering

• Monthly challenges, to help you create work outside your usual comfort zone, exploring different styles!

• Tips & Tricks to help you get started with your lettering/creative biz journey

• And of course, all the latest news and updates from the Han'made Designs studio

I'm super excited to see what this year will bring! As always, I'm looking forward to working on new designs, learning new skills and sharing the process along the way. Stay Tuned!

With Love,

Hannah x

P.s. If you prefer to keep updated in the form of video, be sure to catch my latest Youtube Studio Vlog.

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Hannah A, Lettering Artist and Founder of Han'made Designs


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