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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

For as long as I can remember, i've been fascinated by all forms, shapes and styles of lettering. From simply writing neat as kid, with my favourite ink pen, to painting bold serif type letters on large canvas. Lettering has always captured my attention, and sparks my imagination! For this I can probably thank my Father, as he was sign writer back in the day, and I would borrow (as in keep forever) his old sign writing books. Through out school, college and my work, this one particular book became my go-to book for inspiration. Whenever there was a project in my work, the typeface or (hand)lettering always became the focus. At the time, I didn't realise I liked illustrating words, as much as I was actually doing, and focused on perfecting my illustration style, however looking back every word I wrote in my bullet journal, sketch book or final major project was heavily focused on Lettering Styles.

Fast forward to today, where I found myself looking at my vacation photos from this year. There are around 3 of myself...the rest are images of signs with neon letters, captivating art deco, vintage gold leaf door signs or shop signs.

When it comes to posting on Instagram, I always keep to the same style for consistency...which although my feed looks all the same, it means I haven't created or shared work with different styles. It also means, I haven't practiced different styles in a while. Keen to always learn and develop my work, one day I had a thought...each month to create a monthly challenge where, together we can create one piece of work, in a new style.

Usual monthly challenges or prompts, are to do your own style of something, which are great starting points. However I thought it would be different, to provide a breakdown / or mini tutorial of each style. Using the style as a starting point, it then allows you to add your own unique spin. Allowing you to experiment with different styles, that you might not have once considered.

We visited Ross-on-Wye in the summer, and I had to visit an old book shop that I had previously bought a lettering book from. The shop front was beautiful, and the sign writing on the shopfront, inspired me to add more traditional lettering to my work, as well as thinking about composition.

This piece I created for Instagram was inspired by the front door of the book shop. Instead of my usual calligraphy, I incorporated the traditional serif style, and used a similar composition.

Sometimes, when it comes to creating content I struggle for ideas, so looking back on photos, they spark the foundations of an idea!

Combining this, with helping others on their lettering journey, I thought it would be a great way to expand their portfolio, become more comfortable with Procreate software, or simply enjoy creating different work!

Stay tuned over the next few days, as I release Januarys prompt and worksheet download.

And don't forgot, you can post your work in blog posts, and connect with other members of the lettering community.

- Hannah x


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