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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Are you practicing your letters, but not sure how to form them into words?

I've put together two simple jpeg (and PDF) download sheets, that you can either import into procreate, or print at home.

Screenshot or Download the Zipped file HERE. (copyright Han'made Designs)

Lower Case Tracing Guide:

Uppercase Words:

In Procreate simply click add image (or open from the main screen, whichever is better for you), then add a new layer on top, and using your favourite pen, begin to trace the words. Once you feel more comfortable with the plain text, you can move on to the flourished words, and then if you feel confident, try removing the layer and begin practicing the same word, but without the guide underneath. - It takes a lot of time to practice, so don't worry if it takes a while before you feel confident enough to take away the bottom layer.

This guide is intended to be useful if you have practiced the beginning stages, of practicing letters and created muscle memory but unsure of forming words.

If you would like a breakdown on where to start, I have a beginners skillshare class, that can be found here.

Hope you find these useful...happy practising!

- Hannah x

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